About me

I have over 20 years experience in the heritage sector, interpreting science, nature, art, history and human cultures for a wide range of audiences through programmes, outreach, exhibition making and gallery development. I’ve worked in museums, art galleries and historic houses, with collections as varied as stingrays and steam engines. 

I’ve been an educator outside formal education for many years now, studying the wide range of ways in which different people learn. In 2009, I added academic understanding to my practical knowledge with a Masters in Interpretive Studies from the University of Leicester. I became fascinated by the potential of museums as ‘free choice’ learning environments, where people are free to follow their tastes and enthusiasms. 

My aim has always been to open doors to culture of every kind and to remove or reduce the barriers to engagement and learning, whether they are practical or psychological. Museums and heritage sites will never appeal to everyone but I am a firm believer that the onus is on us as custodians and interpreters to take the initiative and reach out to potential users, providing people with a genuine choice based on a true understanding of what we can offer. 

I am a member of consultancy group: Creative Heritage.